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Passionate about dogs especially golden retriever, I started by creating jewels for me, then following requests I created new things and so on. Today, I am a self-employed entrepreneur. Everything is created by hand, everything is customizable.



Retriev'Art are handmade accessories, made in France, for dogs but also for their masters. We offer models available but we are also at your disposal to create tailor-made colors, lengths, models ... You will have a unique model that you will not find on every corner. By calling on craftsmen, you also allow French commerce to be encouraged for a price equal to the products made in china that you find in a pet shop.


My dog ​​accessories are currently manufactured with paracord 550, known for its strength and quality. The paracord was originally used for parachute hangers of US soldiers in World War II. In the field, many utilities were found. It is a very durable material, tear resistant (minimum breaking load of 249 kg), weatherproof and washable (hand or machine 30 °). The colors do not fade and the material does not wear out. So no worries, even leashes 1cm wide are very resistant, the width does not affect the strength.


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