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We offer a wide range of leashes. From the lasso leash (with or without lock) to the multiposition leash, you will find your happiness.

The lasso leash (with or without locking) has the advantage of being used as a leash and a collar.

The multiposition leash (very popular in canine clubs) allows to adapt the length of the leash to the situation (we recommend no more than 1m50 / 2m in total).

Leashes for several dogs allow you to walk your dogs together with only one handful, finished with being surrounded like a Christmas tree by the leashes of your dogs.

Classic leashes they are ideal in town when one wants to have the dog close to either. For pulling dogs, we recommend the double leash 20mm (because a leash is fine minus the handling is nice if the dog pulls).

Our leashes are very strong, last in time, washable and customizable.

  • Les laisses

Whistle and whistle necklace


The whistle is used to supplement the voice in certain orders that it is everyday like the recall, sitting or to work: retriever, shepherd dog ... there are different whistles of different tones. The important thing is to always keep the same on the same dog. Have coherent orders that do not vary. The whistle helps to avoid the tensions that can be felt by giving the voice command and also allows the dog to better hear with the distance or according to the weather conditions.

  • Le sifflet et son collier


Dogs and Cats Toys


We offer a range of rich and varied toys that are suitable for all dogs except the big destroyers. Dog balls are suitable for non-destructive dogs (mine have the same bullet for over a year). The scoubidous are much more resistant, depending on their size: small, medium or even XL. It's up to you to choose the toy that best fits your dog. Feel free to contact me for more information.

  • Jouets pour chiens et chats

Necklace or harness?


Many people hesitate between the collar and the harness. For my part, I recommend the harness before the age of 1 year and especially not any harness. I only use the harness for a few months on my 7 year old dog. I found that he was much more relaxed on the ride, less tension on the leash. I made him a model that suits me perfectly.


The necklace meanwhile is an ideal tool to put a medal. All my dogs wear a collar. Whether hanging on the leash or not, the necklace seems essential.

From the very fine necklace to the very wide necklace, there is something for everyone:

The marriage of biothane and paracord allows to have strong necklaces, aesthetic and adjustable. The paracord guarantees you extreme strength because it is a rope used in the mountains as a survival rope.

  • Collier ou harnais?

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